Breakfast at Six is a lingerie and aphrodisiac fusion lifestyle brand founded in one of the most harmonic cities in the United States…Detroit, Michigan.

I’m Sarah, creator of Breakfast at Six..

Breakfast at Six started out of a natural desire to express my feelings, sensual emotions through lingerie and the various experiences I wanted to create in the most intimate moments. Of course, like so many other facets in the industry, women of color especially have been nearly invisible in intimate wear. Not only does Breakfast at Six aim to break barriers for so many women and body types that are under represented, but we also aim to embody what “soul love” looks like; it’s sensual, yet cheeky, it’s tasteful but still provocative, sexy and ultimately timeless..

This is the exact sentiment on how aphrodisiacs and lingerie go hand-in-hand; it’s the detailed thought of what you know your lover wants to see, grab, taste, and feel.


 X + O

SignatureSarah Waston

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